Therapeutic Exercise

The Importance of Therapeutic Exercise

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Are you concerned about building as well as restoring balance, physical strength, stability, flexibility and endurance? Then you need therapeutic exercise. This will help you to heal when injured and return to a fully functioning state using a process free of pain. Please do this exercise under the instructions of a chiropractor. He or she will commence the exercise by taking your medical history and evaluating your capabilities coupled up with physical condition. After assessment results are compiled, an exercise treatment plan will be chosen that best suits your condition. This exercise is monitored and you should mind the recommended slow progress. Furthermore, if you need any motion assistance please inform your chiropractor for assistance. The professional will also modify your exercise in accordance with your progression and personal needs.

The exercises will first of all help you to reduce inflammation and pain. It will then be fit for you to start regaining motion range, developing endurance and rebuilding muscle strength. Here are some of what should be included in your workout:

•Flexibility exercises-Movement and stretching should be emphasized for you to develop desired flexibility.

•Endurance exercises-Engage large muscle groups for longer periods of time to develop endurance.

•Coordination and balance-The focus is on the center of gravity in this exercise.

•Strengthening exercises-Your chiropractor will make sure that you limit repetitions and emphasis on heavy resistance.

•Functional movement assessment-There is selective functional movement assessment (SFMA). It looks at seven movement patterns that are diagnostic to you. They aid in identifying the main cause of your musculoskeletal pain symptoms. The most appropriate exercise is thus chosen for you.

Neuromuscular Re Education Therapy

This is the use of therapeutic exercise in improving balance, impaired proprioception, coordination, impaired movement and reduced kinesthetic sense. The therapies used are muscle energy techniques (MET) and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Your muscles will be restrained by stimulating proprioceptors which are responsible for sending signals to the brain concerning body position. Secondly, movement is increased through a stretching pattern.

Muscle Energy Techniques

It is an active resistance form where you will have to resist force from your chiropractor as you do therapeutic exercise. You can contract muscles against the force thus there is increased brain action. This makes you part and parcel of the active healing process. MET aids you to strengthen, realign, lengthen and enhances growth of tissue. Your motion range is increased and muscle strength is balanced across your joints.


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