The Relationship Between Auriculotherapy and Other Medical Procedures

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The use of simulation needles on acupuncture points located on the outer ear for the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions on other parts of the human body is what is largely known as auriculotherapy. In modern practices, this process can also be done by using lasers, magnets and ear pellets instead of traditional needles.

What is the Relationship Between Auriculotherapy and Other Conventional Medical Methods?

Recent results in medical treatment show that many practitioners are now acknowledging the use of alternative medicine such as auriculotherapy, which is also known as ear acupuncture, to treat various health conditions. Some medical practitioners use this method only when they want to supplement the traditional Western medical treatment practices for their patients to experience fast relief. Auriculotherapy techniques can be used for pain relief and addiction treatment. When chiropractic lasers and magnets are used in auriculotherapy treatment, the results are more rapid and highly reliable than when traditional acupuncture needles are applied for simulation. The benefits of this alternative medical procedure are outstanding, a fact that has seen rapid deployment of ear acupuncture centers in leading chiropractic centers countrywide. It is therefore important to state that the future of conventional Western medicine relies on alternative medical procedures such as auriculotherapy.

How Does Auriculotherapy Work?

One of the basic ideas behind this procedure is that the nerves on the outer ear of a human being correspond to specific parts of the brain and therefore have direct control on the reflex connections happening on the body. Cutaneo-organic reflexes that are activated when simulation is applied to specific parts of the outer ear can be used to relieve pain on specific parts of the body. Practitioners use this knowledge to enhance quick recovery on patients through simple and easy pain-reduction procedures.

What Type of Medical Practitioners Provide Auriculotherapy?

Acupuncturists, chiropractic doctors, naturopathic doctors, physical therapists, reflexology therapists, osteopathic doctors and psychotherapists are some of the health care practitioners who are allowed to provide auriculotherapy options. You should ensure that the medical expert you choose has enough knowledge on the various acupuncture points around the outer ear for the procedure to be really helpful in your quest for a healthy body. Also, remember that different tools and equipment are used for the alternative medicine procedure and therefore it is easy to record contrasting results depending on the method used by the practitioner.

Auriculotherapy as a form of alternative medicine has gained widespread use over the years and can now be used to complement conventional medical treatment methods in hospitals and clinics.


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