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Micro-current therapy is a unique treatment that helps to heal soft tissues in the body. It aids in the relaxation of muscles allowing them to return to their normal state quickly. A person who has chronic or acute pain only requires short therapy sessions to alleviate the pain. It is FDA approved, safe, and does not cause any adverse effects. It is the ideal treatment for spasm in the neck or back muscles. Other conditions that micro-current therapy is suitable for include:

· Back pain
· Arthritis
· Herpes
· Headaches
· Diabetic ulcers
· Fibromyalgia
· Neuropathy
· Ligament and tendon pain
· Shingles
· Sciatica
· Sports injuries
· Slow healing wounds

Micro-Current Therapy - How Does It Work

The therapy utilizes low-level micro currents (electrical currents) to treat muscle and nerve pain, inflammation, and other health conditions. Worth noting is that all the tissues in the body have signature electrical frequencies that may be interrupted by disease or injury. Micro-current therapy works to restore the standard frequencies in the cells which result in substantial improvements in function, inflammation, and pain. At a cellular level, the treatment stimulates a significant increase in ATP. It is the energy that fuels the body’s biochemical functions. It also enhances protein synthesis which is essential for tissue repair. By improving blood flow, and decreasing inflammation, it helps to reduce muscle spasms and pain, and at the same time, it increases the range of motion.

Benefits of Micro-current Therapy

The therapy has numerous known perks, and some of them are:· Dilated blood vessels and enhanced circulation
· Nerve repair and healing without scar tissue
· Increased amounts of red blood cells
· Increased extraction of fluids through kidneys
· Elimination of toxins and waste
· Stimulation of lymph circulation
· Increased ATP production
· Reducing danger of fibroids, lengthening connective tissues and preventing or reducing formation of adhesion
· Enhanced circulation and nutrition to the joints etc.

Like anyone who goes through micro-current therapy they lie down or sit comfortably and a professional places electrodes at strategic locations in a bid to direct currents to targeted tissues. The experts also use moist and warm towels to aid with conduction. It is a straight forward process where you will not even feel the shock-like sensations. Treatment usually takes place over a couple of sessions with patients accumulating benefits over time. Therapy is not recommended for expectant ladies or people who have pacemakers.

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