Explaining Cryotherapy

What Is Cryotherapy?

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Cryotherapy can be described as a form of medical treatment in which the body is exposed to extremely low temperatures in brief intervals of time. Cryotherapy is usually considered to be therapeutic in nature and is commonly used for alleviating pain. This therapeutic technique also has the capacity to reduce the inflammation of body tissues, relieve pain and soreness in joints and muscles as well as inhibiting muscle spasms. Cryotherapy also has the capacity to bring about faster healing when it comes to tendon, muscle and join to injuries

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryotherapy basically entails lowering skin temperature very rapidly for a short duration of time: usually not more than 4 minutes. For this to happen, an individual is usually sprayed with a fine mist of non-toxic nitrogen which rapidly lowers the body’s temperature. This is usually carried out in a therapeutic booth quite similar to a spray-tan booth

So how does rapid lowering of body temperature help in the therapy? Well, the sudden drop in body temperature makes the body to release a burst of adrenaline so as to counter the effect of the extremely low temperatures. The burst of adrenaline gives the immune system an immediate which lasts for a few days or even weeks

The sudden drop in temperature also stimulate the body to produce endorphins: the body’s natural painkiller. This hormone can bring about accelerated healing and also promotes well-being within the body organs and cells

Benefits Of Cryotherapy?

There are numerous benefits associated with this therapeutic procedure. It is important to understand that, these benefits are usually brought about by the body’s reaction when exposed to extreme cold. Production of certain hormones and the partial freezing of various nerves usually bring about these benefits

Some of the most notable benefits of this procedure include improved circulation, better body metabolism, detoxification of the skin, lymph and liver systems, accelerated cellular and tissue repair and improved immune function

Cryotherapy has also been shown to promote muscle regeneration in case of an injury and faster recuperation in the event of fatigue.

In addition to this, cryotherapy has also the capacity to alleviate pain and is highly recommended for a number of medical conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis and fibromyalgia

The side effects associated with this medical condition are very minimal. A small percentage complain of a slight haziness after the procedure but there is also a possibility of individuals having claustrophobia or the fear of confined spaces feeling uncomfortable during the procedure


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