Chiropractic Manipulation

How Chiropractic Manipulation Can Help You

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Chiropractic is defined as a field in health care, which is dedicated to caring for a number of musculoskeletal problems in a non-surgical way. Normally, chiropractors help preserve spinal health through chiropractic manipulation of the spine and other structures surrounding it.

Chiropractic adjustments are used to provide treatment to a number of nervous system and spinal ailments like severe neck pain, headaches, pain in the leg and arm joints, and lower back pain. A chiropractor can help reduce or even totally diminish pain in the lower back. This procedure is done through hands-on or manual chiropractic manipulation, including:

1. Manual Spine Manipulation. This exploitation is done using high-velocity, yet short arm thrusts, which are used to move the defective vertebrae thus restoring function. Manual spine manipulation decreases nerve irritability, as well as restores the spine's range of motion. A plan of treatment will be provided by your chiropractor before the actual spine manipulation in order to make you understand the procedure's pros and cons.

2. Mobilization. The chiropractor may also suggest mobilization. This refers to chiropractic manipulation, stretching, and movement of the joints and muscles using low-velocity exercises. This procedure aims to increase the joints' and muscles' range of motion.

Other Things to Know About The Chiropractic Care

Aside from the types of treatments mentioned above, your chiropractor may provide you with other treatment choices to alleviate pain in the low back:

1. Physical Therapy. Your chiropractor can give you the alternative to choose between ultrasonic, electrical, or traction therapies, all of which use different types of machines to help reduce soreness and pain in the low back.

2. Exercises. Your chiropractor may also imply you get proper cardiovascular and strengthening workouts, as well as ample stretching exercises to attain muscle and structural balance. Regular workouts make your unstable muscles much stronger, while stretching and relaxing tired, overworked muscles.

3. Stabilization of the Pelvis. Flat feet and instability of the foot joint can also be a contributing cause to low back throbbing. If these factors are what is causing your back pain, your chiropractor may advise arch supports, which can help in the stabilization and correction of the pelvis.

4. Ergonomics. Also, to make your chiropractic treatment a success, your chiropractor might make you do activities at home or while you are at work. He or she may draw a plan to provide you several job-related or hobby-related activities that can further make your condition better.

Aside from these chiropractic treatment plans, your chiropractor may advise you to improve your lifestyle, including modifications in your diet, doing physical exercises, and de-stress strategies. You must bear in mind that chiropractors do not use drugs or any form of surgical treatment. On the other hand, your chiropractor may also refer you to another health specialist if ever you need other kinds of medical treatment.

If you would like to know more about low back pain, visit our qualified Dr. who has been practicing chiropractic for a long time. BackSmart Chiropractic has a wide range of expertise in chiropractic care and is referred to by neurologists, orthopedics, and other medical specialists.

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