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It is no secret that back pain is usually debilitating thus leaving the victim unable to walk, let alone the body functioning normally. Chiropractor, Dr. Gregory King at Backsmart Health Chiropractic, understands this, and his endeavor is to relieve that pain efficiently and get you back on your feet as soon as possible with chiropractic adjustments.

A chiropractic adjustment sometimes referred to as chiropractic manipulation, spinal manipulation, or manual manipulation is a common therapeutic treatment for lower back pain. It’s a slight movement of vertebrae in the spine.

This chiropractic treatment involves a chiropractor applying particular manipulation to the vertebrae that have failed to function normally or undergoing abnormal movement patterns.

The key objective of this treatment is to lower the subluxation, with the goals of improving function, increasing the range of motion and minimizing nerve irritability.

Once these vertebrae are out of its normal position, it presents an overall systemic effect from the central nervous system to muscular system. Lack of proper alignment and flow of all body systems and nerves from our brains, we cannot function effectively.

Description of Chiropractic Adjustments

In a nutshell, a chiropractic adjustment usually involves:

• A powerful relieving sensation most of the time, though slight discomfort has been reported (which often lasts for a short period) if a patient tenses up excessively during this chiropractic care or the adjacent muscles are in spasm.

• A high velocity, short lever arm thrust applied to the vertebra.

• An associated, audible gas release (joint cavitation) caused by the release of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen that relieves joint pressure (cavitation).

You should know that cracking or joint cavitation doesn’t happen at times, usually due to a major muscle splinting or a patient not being relaxed enough during chiropractic manipulation process.

During such situations, it’s prudent for a chiropractor to have the patient rest, apply ice, or even perform electrical stimulation and massage before trying the chiropractic adjustment again.

Techniques of Chiropractic Adjustments

There are several distinct manipulative techniques which can be used in chiropractic, and there’s a particular level of skill and "art" involved with the high velocity, low amplitude manipulation or adjustment. It’s probably more essential for a chiropractor to determine the suitability of the adjustment the based on the individual case.

Side Effects of Chiropractic Adjustments

The most common reaction to the chiropractic adjustment is soreness or aching in the spinal muscles or joints. If this soreness or aching happens, it’s often within the first few hours after the treatment and doesn’t last longer than 24 hours. Application of an ice pack lowers the symptoms fairly quickly.

Always research and identify qualified chiropractors such as Dr. Gregory King in Cumming, GA who can assist to relieve your neck and back pain. If you want to learn more about chiropractic adjustments, give our Cumming, GA office a call today at (770) 888-4288 or schedule your appointment now in our website’s contact form.


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