Whiplash and Auto Accidents


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Whiplash can be described as nonmedical term widely used to explain neck pain subsequent to a personal injury to soft tissue of the neck (primarily ligaments, tendons, and muscles). It is actually a result of any kind of extreme movement or strain applied to the neck that involves motions past the neck's regular range of motion.

Whiplash and Auto Accidents

Whiplash is actually most often the result of a car accident when the vehicle an individual is driving in is not moving along, which is hit from the automobile coming from the rear with no warning. It is actually typically thought the rear impact will cause the head as well as neck to be forced to hyperextension because the seat forces the individuals torso forwards - as well as the unrestrained neck and head fall backwards. Followinga short delay your head as well as neck then recoup consequently they are cast right into a hyperflexed position.

Signs and symptoms of whiplash are usually discomfort as well as stiffness in the neck and in some cases within the muscles in your head, chest, shoulders, and arms. In addition, you could have a head ache, feel dizzy, as well as have pain of the back.

The good news is, whiplash is normally not a life-threatening injury, however it can bring about a prolonged time period of partial disability. You will find considerable economic expenses associated with whiplash that could reach 30 billion dollars each year in the us.

Whiplash Evaluation

Immediate physical evaluation is the ideal advice following a neck trauma. Your medical professional of chiropractic will be able to pinpoint the extent relating to traumas, refer you to another professional if necessary, or even recommend a regimen of treatment to speed the recovery process. This physical evaluation would include a health care background along with an analysis of one's vital signs, nervous system, range of flexion, joint movement, muscle tissue, equilibrium, coordination, and posture.

A medical expert might advise a soft or evena hard collar to aid in stabilizing the cervical area. In some instances basic film radiography might be inconclusive, and a CT-scan or MRI may be required for further extensive radiological analysis (Dvorak, Journal of Manual Medicine, 1991, Vol.6 #3). Treatment of a whiplash injury happens in phases that could include utilization of manipulation as well as other neuromuscular therapies that will facilitate rehabilitation.

Between appointments it is best to follow the guidance from your health practitioner of chiropractic care. Be practical and pace your personal physical activity to prevent fatigue. Perform exercise routines your chiropractor recommends for you to restore your flexibility, balance, and strength, while adjusting some other physical activities at work or play that might be irritating to your current diagnosis of whiplash.


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